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What are the consequences of a drug charge for college students?

You're probably already aware that the consequences of a drug charge conviction can be fairly severe. However, if you're a college student (or a high school student bound for college), the consequences can be beyond anything you ever thought possible -- and it could ruin your life before you even get a chance to get started.

Virginia task force aims to take 43 more dealers off the streets

A special joint task force in Virginia, formed with help from several different police departments and the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), has taken aim at 43 individuals who are suspected of possession or distribution of heroin.

Even insured, kids not getting addiction medications - study

When a young person is arrested for drug possession, are they merely experimenting with the forbidden, or are they addicted? It's a crucial question. Experimentation is relatively harmless, although it can have serious legal consequences. Addiction, however, requires treatment.

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