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Virginia Techs student helps police catch a man for drugs

A senior at Virginia Tech went to use the men's restroom in the school's McComas Hall on Nov. 8, only to notice a hand holding a cell phone in a bejeweled cell phone case pointed up at him from beneath the divider separating the bathroom's stalls. The student initially reacted by knocking on the walls of the stall, and the individual's hand was withdrawn soon thereafter.

Why police assume that you had an intention to distribute a drug

Many people may think that in order to be charged with possession, a police officer must find a drug on your person. However, whether the item was inside your purse or luggage, clothing or in your hands, that's far from the case. An individual can actually be charged with drug possession even in cases in which a drug is simply relatively close to them, such as in their home or car.

A Virginia Tech linebacker is arraigned on drug charges

A 19-year-old linebacker for Virginia Tech was suspended from playing for the school's football team on Monday, Sept. 11. It's on that day that officers with the Blacksburg Police Department arrested and charged him with both possessing and attempting to distribute or sell marijuana related to an incident that allegedly occurred on Aug. 23.

What are the consequences of a drug charge for college students?

You're probably already aware that the consequences of a drug charge conviction can be fairly severe. However, if you're a college student (or a high school student bound for college), the consequences can be beyond anything you ever thought possible -- and it could ruin your life before you even get a chance to get started.

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