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How does a DUI conviction impact your ability to secure a job?

Although not every driving under the influence (DUI) charge is a felony, it might as well be, especially considering how a conviction for one can get you fired from your current job or make it harder to secure a new one. If the job you have or want involves working with children, being privy to sensitive materials or driving, then a DUI conviction may jeopardize your ability to either get or keep it.

Virginia Techs student helps police catch a man for drugs

A senior at Virginia Tech went to use the men's restroom in the school's McComas Hall on Nov. 8, only to notice a hand holding a cell phone in a bejeweled cell phone case pointed up at him from beneath the divider separating the bathroom's stalls. The student initially reacted by knocking on the walls of the stall, and the individual's hand was withdrawn soon thereafter.

What happens if you refuse breath or blood testing in Virginia?

In Virginia, much like other states, all motorists suspected of either driving drunk or drugged are required to submit to have either breath or blood alcohol testing performed on them if asked. Under Virginia state law though, a motorist is only required to submit to such chemical testing within the first three hours of their arrest of driving under the influence (DUI).

DUI consequences go far beyond jail time and court fines

Imagine driving home after spending some quality time with your favorite colleagues at happy hour. Celebrating the end of a long and especially hard week at work is common practice in countless cities across the United States. Unfortunately, that celebration can take a downturn if a Christiansburg police officer pulls you over and arrests you for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

What's considered drunk and disorderly conduct in Virginia?

According to the Virginia disorderly conduct law, ยง 18.2-415, an individual can be charged with drunken or disorderly conduct whether he or she intends to annoy, inconvenience, act recklessly toward or alarm members of the general public.

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