DUI consequences go far beyond jail time and court fines

Imagine driving home after spending some quality time with your favorite colleagues at happy hour. Celebrating the end of a long and especially hard week at work is common practice in countless cities across the United States. Unfortunately, that celebration can take a downturn if a Christiansburg police officer pulls you over and arrests you for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

A driving under the influence (DUI) conviction can have long-term effects beyond paying fines and doing possible jail time. In reality, a DUI can haunt multiple aspects of your life.

Employment consequences

If you have to drive as part of your job, you could lose it due to no longer having a clean driving record. In addition, you could have problems finding future employment since the DUI will appear on your record if a potential employer runs a background check. Even if the DUI is your only criminal offense, it could seriously affect your employment prospects.

Professional standing

If you have a professional certificate or a state license for practicing your trade, you could lose it due to a DUI conviction. For example, if you are a doctor, you could face disciplinary hearings for violating professional codes of conduct.


In most cases, a DUI conviction also results in a driver's license suspension. Part of the process to reinstate your license is to provide proof that you have the right type of car insurance policy that the state of Virginia requires. Unfortunately, your insurance company may consider you to be a high-risk driver after your DUI conviction and you could see your premiums go up.

Criminal record

It is possible that even a misdemeanor DUI conviction will stay on your permanent criminal record. As stated above, this could lead to employment problems. In addition, you might also have problems obtaining a volunteer position with some charitable organizations or you could face challenges renting an apartment due to the conviction. In short, any transaction, job or activity that requires a criminal background check may fall through because of a DUI conviction.

If you are facing a DUI charge, it is important to remember that you still have rights and options. You have the right to go to court and fight back against a driving under the influence charge.

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