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Comprehensive Guide To Defend Against Drug Possession

Despite the national debate to relax drug charges and stop the so-called war on drugs, Virginia law treats drug possession charges harshly. In reality, there is no real simple possession charge. Even a misdemeanor conviction for possession of a small amount of marijuana can have long-term consequences. Most drug crime convictions include a suspension of your driving privileges, even if a motor vehicle was not involved in your arrest. If you are accused of unlawful possession of a controlled substance in southwest Virginia, I am here to help.

I am drug possession defense lawyer Will Clemons. At Clemons Law, P.C., in Christiansburg, VA, I focus solely on criminal law. My focused experience in local courtrooms in Montgomery County and throughout southwest Virginia is a strong resource to get you the best possible results. While I have complex criminal trial experience, I look at every possible course of action to protect the rights —and futures — of my clients.

At Clemons Law, P.C., I Put Your Interests First

If law enforcement violated your constitutional rights, I know how to investigate and present the facts to the judge to seek dismissal of the charges. As an experienced trial attorney, I know how to work in front of a jury to present a compelling case. As a former prosecutor, I am well-versed in all of the potential remedies to resolve charges, including diversion programs.

I can explain if drug treatment may be a viable option to help you get your life on track. Treatment programs often turn into a win-win situation, as overcoming a drug problem may add strength to your defense options while you also benefit from becoming drug-free.

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Most importantly, I am not here to judge clients. My approach to the law is to fully analyze each case and evaluate all of the legal options to get the best results. Moreover, I remain open with my clients, providing down-to-earth legal guidance, without false promises and false hopes. I will tell you what you need to hear to allow you to move forward with confidence. I offer reasonable fees and aggressive advocacy — well grounded in the law.

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