DUI charges can come up over prescription drugs

As long as a person always drinks responsibly and never gets behind the wheel after drinking, they will never have to worry about facing DUI charges, right? Actually, there are situations in which a Virginian driver could face DUI charges without having a single drop of alcohol in their system when driving. For one, here in Virginia, alcohol is not the only substance a person could face DUI charges over.

Among the other substances DUI charges could come up over are prescription drugs. There are a range of different prescription medications individuals could be taking in relation to medical conditions they have. Such medications vary widely in the effects they can have on a person. If a person is accused of driving while being on a prescription drug that impaired them to the point of being under the influence, DUI charges could end up being brought.

As with traditional alcohol-related DUI charges, DUI charges stemming from use of a prescription drug could expose a person to a range of consequences that have the potential to majorly impact their life.

So, what options a person has when facing such charges can be of considerable significance. Various things, such as what evidence is present in their case, can affect what options a person suspected of prescription-drug-related DUI has available.

So, discussing one’s options with a skilled DUI defense lawyer can be a key thing to do following being accused of being under the influence of prescription drugs while driving here in Virginia.

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