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Defending individuals throughout Montgomery, Giles, Wythe, Carroll, Floyd, Smyth, and Bland counties facing traffic violations.

Facing A Traffic Ticket? You May Not Realize The True Repercussions.

Many people are familiar with the repercussions that will likely stem from a traffic citation, like points on their driver's license and court fines. But there are many more consequences than simply paying a fine.

Depending on the situation, drivers are likely to face higher insurance premiums, loss of employment prospects, or even denied housing applications - all because of their criminal record. A criminal defense attorney who knows the law can really help to lessen the blow.

Don't allow your driving privileges to be placed in jeopardy without working with an experienced attorney. If you are in the Blacksburg or Hillsville areas, contact me at Clemons Law, P.C. in Christiansburg, Virginia today and schedule a free consultation.

Have You Been Given a Ticket?

I am a solo criminal defense practitioner Will Clemons, and I represent individuals in and around Christiansburg, Virginia, and Montgomery County with many types of traffic tickets and criminal traffic violations. From simple misdemeanors to felonies, I often help with violations involving:

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If you are facing a traffic ticket, moving violation like a speeding ticket, or more serious traffic offense, contact me. We can discuss the details surrounding your stop and whether authorities violated your constitutional rights.

I am proud to serve the needs of clients in Christiansburg, Hillsville, and Blacksburg, Virginia. Don't wait until it's too late. Let me help you pursue the best available outcome to your traffic ticket issues.

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