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Anything involving illegal drugs in Virginia will likely entail legal consequences, and many people already know this. However, they may not understand the exact repercussions that go in tandem with a certain type of drug and the action associated.

All drug offense convictions in the state of Virginia will typically involve the loss of a driver's license. However, depending on the situation and how the drug is classified, an offender could face much steeper penalties.

Different Penalties For Different Drug Schedules

For instance, possession of a Schedule I substance, like heroin, LSD, and Ecstasy, is a felony with up to a 10-year prison sentence and serious fines. However, an individual convicted of possession of a Schedule 1 substance with intent to distribute can face up to 40 years in prison, and even life in prison for a third conviction for such an offense. Alternately, a convicted of possession of a Schedule V substance, like codeine, is likely to carry a simple fine.

Some drugs, like marijuana, aren't even listed under a Schedule but are classified separately with their own distinct penalties.

The exact repercussions you face ultimately depend on the type of drug involved, how it's classified, and your specific circumstances.

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If you have been charged with a drug-related crime, I can help you find out what you're up against. I am criminal defense attorney Will Clemons and have been handling drug offenses and other criminal matters for individuals in Southwest Virginia since 2007.

As a former public defender with the Pulaski Public Defender's Office, I conducted many jury trials and gained extensive knowledge of lawful police procedures like search and seizure methods. As a former prosecutor with the Roanoke City Commonwealth's Attorney Office, I learned what prosecutors do and need to build a solid case.

Whether you are charged with drug possession, distribution, manufacturing or even drug possession with intent to manufacture or distribute, I can help.

I also help individuals facing traffic citations such as speeding tickets and other moving violations.

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