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Aggressive Drug Distribution Defense Strategies

May 4, 2020

Prosecutors and law enforcement agencies throughout southwest Virginia take drug distribution cases seriously. Virginia law provides harsh sentences for the sale, or possession with the intent to sell, drugs. The immediate concerns you may have about potential prison time are compounded by the long-term impact a drug distribution conviction can have on your future job, academic and military opportunities. If you are facing drug charges, take a deep breath and call an experienced drug distribution defense lawyer to protect your rights.

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I am solo practitioner Will Clemons. I founded Clemons Law, P.C., in Christiansburg, VA, to provide individuals a high-quality legal resource to fight criminal charges in Montgomery County and throughout southwest Virginia. You need to know during this difficult time that you have rights — and options.

I will sit down with you to talk about your case, your options and what to expect. I strive to work with clients to obtain meaningful results, focused on the concerns and goals of each individual client. To that end, I will work hard to get to know you, as well as the commonwealth's case against you to craft the best strategies to obtain optimal results.

Drug distribution cases are often founded on the amount of drugs in question, or the way the drugs are packaged. However, actual drug trafficking, the intent to sell or an actual sale are not required to support a distribution charge. Simply giving someone drugs, or sharing drugs, may be at issue in a distribution case.

No matter how complex, I hold the prosecutors to their burden, in and out of the courtroom. Moreover, in any drug case, search and seizure issues often take center stage. My command of criminal law and constitutional principles has been honed by years of experience focusing solely on criminal law.

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My ultimate goal is to obtain the best results, whether that involves dismissal of the charges, a not guilty verdict at trial or a favorable plea arrangement to mitigate the consequences. Whether you are angry, concerned, frightened or sorry due to what occurred that led to your charges, turn to an experienced criminal defense attorney for caring legal counsel and diligent representation. Call (540) 305-3745 or send me an email to arrange a no-pressure, free consultation to learn more about my defense skills and how I can help you.