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It's important to protect investments. Money or time invested are too important to let slip away because of a lack of judgment that will one day chalk up to a life lesson well learned. We all make mistakes from time to time. The sad thing is in today's world those mistakes have a tendency to follow us and cost dearly down the road; not only with friends and family but also with our careers.

All too many times youthful decisions have a negative impact, potentially jeopardizing the valuable time and money invested in our years preparing for the future. Imagine someone sitting down for an interview and an Underage Drinking charge or a Drunk in Public charge is brought up; they think to themselves; that was dismissed, I paid my debt to society, why does that even show up?

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While a charge may have been dismissed, it will still show up on a criminal background check, blemishing an otherwise stellar candidate just because that person was charged initially. However, a remedy exists to help protect an investment from youthful mistakes. An Expungement in Virginia can prevent the charge from showing on future background checks. When a person pays their debt to society, that debt should be marked "paid in full" and cleared from the books. Not so unless additional steps are taken. An Expungement is an Order from a Circuit Court Judge that essentially tells the State Police to clear the charge from an individual's record.

Blacksburg Virginia Expungements Lawyer

If you feel that a youthful mistake may have a negative impact on your future, even though you have paid your debt to society in full, please call me to see if I can help protect your investment. I will be happy to discuss with you whether or not an Expungement is possible in your situation.