What's considered drunk and disorderly conduct in Virginia?

According to the Virginia disorderly conduct law, § 18.2-415, an individual can be charged with drunken or disorderly conduct whether he or she intends to annoy, inconvenience, act recklessly toward or alarm members of the general public.

Under Section A of this law, any violent act committed by one individual against another in public, whether it be along a highway or street or in a government building, also risks being charged with this offense. Oftentimes, the defendant will be charged with this crime in addition to any others.

Section B and C of this law also allow for any individual intoxicated from using either drugs or alcohol to be arrested and charged with this crime if he or she disrupts a political gathering or meeting of government officials. If the intoxicated individual interrupts religious, memorial, funeral services or a school, then he or she could face disorderly conduct charges as well.

As a side note, it's clearly stated in the code that a person who chooses to simply utter words should not be charged with disorderly conduct.

The law states that a landlord and his or her associates should be allowed to remove any disorderly individual from his or her premises without fear of being charged with a crime themselves.

It also states that any individuals charged with drunken or disorderly conduct shouldn't be charged with anything more than a misdemeanor of the first class.

If you're facing drunk and disorderly conduct charge, then it's important to know that a conviction for such a crime could make it difficult to maintain your favorable status in school or at your job. In learning more about your case, a Christianburg, Virginia, drunk and disorderly conduct attorney can advise you of your rights in your particular case.

Source: LIS Virginia Law, "Code of Virginia: § 18.2-415. Disorderly conduct in public places," accessed Nov. 03, 2017

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