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Aggressive Commercial Driver's License Violations Defense

May 4, 2020

Being pulled over for a traffic offense can be a hassle for any driver. When professional drivers are cited for a traffic violation, the stakes are much higher. At Clemons Law, P.C., in Christiansburg, VA, I understand the full gravity a moving violation has for people with a commercial driver's license. A conviction for a traffic violation can cost you your job.

Let A Former Prosecutor Craft A Strong Defense

As a former prosecutor and a current criminal defense lawyer, I have extensive experience in courtrooms throughout southwest Virginia. I know the officers and judges and their tendencies. Moreover, I know how to create solutions to get charges dismissed or reduced to keep points off the records of my clients. If trial becomes necessary, I have the courtroom experience to fight for your rights.

Whether you are facing charges for drunk driving, reckless driving, speeding, any other moving violation or a trucking industry violation, my goal is always to protect your license. I understand that even if you are accused of a traffic violation in your personal vehicle, your CDL may be at stake. I fully investigate the allegations and work diligently to find creative solutions to mitigate the damage.

Over-the-road truckers who hold CDLs in other states are often ticketed in southwest Virginia. I provide clients who are accused of offenses in Virginia with personalized service and local knowledge. If you were pulled over while travelling through Virginia, the citation here can haunt you in your home state. Working with a local lawyer who knows the potential remedies at the local level in Virginia can be an enormous benefit.

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