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Avoid a DUI This Holiday Season

Oct. 18, 2017

With Halloween only a few days away, the holiday season is upon us. It seems like the last night in October is the first in a series of holiday parties, family gatherings and various other events that usually involve alcohol. Between the monster martinis that your best friend makes for the annual Halloween party and the eggnog your aunt brings over on Thanksgiving to kick off the winter festivities, you may be at risk for engaging in driving under the influence (DUI).

While the holidays are often filled with festive gatherings, they can also be costly for those who are not careful. Even if you are slightly buzzed, your drive home could land you behind bars. Part of the reason for this is that law enforcement officers are typically patrolling in larger numbers. Follow these tips to avoid a DUI at the next holiday party.

Plan Ahead

With a little bit of planning, you can go to the party, have the time of your life and still get home safe and sound. This might mean bringing extra money for cab fare or making arrangements with a friend to act as the designated driver.

Know Your Limit

While many people adhere to the "one drink per hour" rule, it is not a reliable method for everyone. The amount of alcohol you can drink without going over Virginia's blood alcohol concentration limit of 0.08 percent will depend on your body weight, metabolism, food intake and how hydrated you are. Before you even get to the party, you should know your limit. Once there, keep track of the number of drinks you have so that you stay within that limit.

A drunk driving charge can have lifelong effects. By following the above tips, you can have a fun holiday season without dealing with the consequences of a criminal charge. However, if you do find yourself in a position where you are facing a drunk driving charge, it is important to remember that you still have rights and options. With a proper defense, you can fight back against driving under the influence charges.