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Do Not Roll Over On Your Speeding Ticket

May 4, 2020

Speeding tickets in southwest Virginia are highly common traffic offenses. It is often tempting for people to just lower their heads, pay the fine and get on with their lives after being pulled over for excessive speed. Unfortunately, many speeding violations carry significant demerit points that automatically attach to your driving record. The judge cannot waive the point system if you plead guilty or pay the ticket (which is the same thing as entering a guilty plea).

Speeding Can Be A Serious Offense In Virginia

In Virginia, speeding becomes reckless driving if police allege the car was moving more than 20 miles per hour over the posted limit, or in excess of 80 miles per hour regardless of the posted limit. Reckless driving carries six demerit points and stays on your driving record for 11 years.

At Clemons Law, P.C., in Christiansburg, I provide comprehensive speeding ticket defense representation. Laser radar devices must be properly calibrated at a minimum of before and after each shift to be considered reliable. With years' of experience handling speeding cases, I know how to evaluate whether the device was properly calibrated. Unreliable results can be challenged in court.

Rely On Extensive Trial Experience To Protect Your Rights

Before entering private practice as a criminal defense lawyer, I gained trial experience as a prosecutor. What that means to you is that I know how to evaluate each case from all perspectives. Reading police reports and analyzing the prosecution's case from every angle allows me to find holes that can be valuable in challenging the charges.

With years of local experience, I have developed a focused understanding of the players in the system, including prosecutors, judges and officers, to allow me to craft creative resolutions to protect the rights of my clients. Negotiating reduced charges with fewer or zero points is an effective strategy to allow my clients to protect their driver's licenses and insurance rates.

If you are accused of speeding in Blacksburg, Christiansburg or anywhere in southwest Virginia, you need the guidance of an experienced traffic attorney. To learn how I can help you, send me an email or call (540) 305-3745.