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Is public intoxication the same as drunk and disorderly conduct?

Drunk and disorderly conduct versus public intoxication. You've likely heard both terminologies being used before and may have wondered what the differences are between the two. Both are used interchangeably in most jurisdictions to refer to the same crime: someone being either visibly intoxicated from drugs or alcohol in a public place. Most city and state laws classify such a crime as a misdemeanor.

What falls under the umbrella of drunk and disorderly conduct?

Public drunkenness, disturbing the peace and loitering are just some of the many different offenses that may lead to you being charged with disorderly conduct. This is one of the reasons that many legal experts refer to this type of crime as a "catch all" offense.

How Virginia state law defines disorderly conduct

In the state of Virginia, an individual can be arrested and charged with disorderly conduct if he or she does something that alarms, annoys or inconveniences the public. If their behavior puts others' safety at risk due to their recklessness, it may warrant being charged with this crime as well.

Aggressive, public behaviors are considered disturbing the peace

Disturbing the peace is one of many different types of criminal offenses that falls under the umbrella of disorderly conduct. The types of actions an individual may take that would be considered to disturb the peace are quite broad in scope. They include any disruptive behaviors that can impact another's ability to enjoy peace and quiet or to conduct their everyday personal or business affairs.

Drunk and disorderly conduct truly is the 'catchall' offense

Legal experts often refer to the crime of drunk and disorderly conduct as a "catchall offense." It's believed that it's referred to as such largely because individuals are often arrested for this crime when police fail to be able to identify any other crime a disruptive individual should be charged with.

What is considered drunk or disorderly conduct in Virginia?

If you've been charged with drunk or disorderly conduct, then it's likely that police found you acting unruly or obnoxiously, drunk or loitering in a public space. The reason why this crime is often referred to as "disturbing the peace" is because, while your behavior isn't considered to pose any serious danger to others, it's believed to be either uncomfortable or an annoyance to the public at large.

What's considered drunk and disorderly conduct in Virginia?

According to the Virginia disorderly conduct law, ยง 18.2-415, an individual can be charged with drunken or disorderly conduct whether he or she intends to annoy, inconvenience, act recklessly toward or alarm members of the general public.

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