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Skilled Defense For College Students Accused Of Crimes

May 4, 2020

Being accused of a crime while in college, whether on campus or off, can be an overwhelming experience for students and their parents alike. You have been working hard on your education to prepare for a promising future. A conviction for a criminal offense can create barriers to future job opportunities and more. At Clemons Law, P.C., in Christiansburg, I understand your concerns. Whether you are accused, or you are the parent of a student facing criminal charges in southwest Virginia, I am here to help.

Extensive Experience To Provide Focused Representation For College Students

I am Will Clemons. I have focused on criminal law for my entire legal career. My knowledge of the local legal landscape is informed by experience as both a prosecutor and criminal defense attorney. The knowledge I have gained from both sides of the courtroom allows me to offer creative strategies to present a solid defense.

For college students, I understand the concerns you are facing about your future and the weight a criminal case places on your shoulders. I will work with you and take the burdens of your defense off your shoulders. My practice is founded on aggressive representation and client-centered service. I remain accessible — you will not feel railroaded. I am committed to honesty when working with clients — no smoke, no mirrors.

My background in the courtroom includes extensive trial experience. However, you may have many other options that will protect your rights without damaging your future. I leave no stone unturned in crafting the best defense strategies to solve legal problems with a focus on the end result. My goal is to eliminate or mitigate the long-term consequences to allow students to continue to believe in their futures.

I am well-equipped to defend you in a wide-range of matters that college kids often face, such as:

Get In Touch With An Experienced Defense Lawyer Who Will Care About Your Future

If you are accused of a crime while attending Virginia Tech, Radford University or any other school in southwest Virginia, you owe it to yourself to have a strong criminal defense attorney in your corner who cares about your future. I am here to help. To learn how my trial experience and approach to the law can help you protect your rights, call (540) 305-3745. You may also send me a brief online message to request a free initial consultation.