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Virginia Techs Student Helps Police Catch a Man for Drugs

Nov. 24, 2017

A senior at Virginia Tech went to use the men's restroom in the school's McComas Hall on Nov. 8, only to notice a hand holding a cell phone in a bejeweled cell phone case pointed up at him from beneath the divider separating the bathroom's stalls. The student initially reacted by knocking on the walls of the stall, and the individual's hand was withdrawn soon thereafter.

The accounting student then exited the bathroom and waited for nearly five minutes until the phone's owner also walked out of the bathroom. That's then that the senior followed the man as he walked down Washington Street in Blacksburg. As he followed him, he made contact with police about what had occurred in the bathroom. They soon arrived on the scene and placed the man under arrest.

As police officers were checking the man's pockets to see if he had anything dangerous in them, they found that the 34-year-old Pulaski man had both white powdery and green leafy substances on him. The former tested positive for cocaine. The latter is believed to have been marijuana.

The man was left with access to his phone after being placed under arrest. That's when he reportedly made a call to a confidant and let them know that he was concerned about his car's safety.

It was reportedly parked in the YMCA's parking lot on Virginia Tech's campus. It was after overhearing that call that officers proceeded to that parking lot and found the man's vehicle. They reportedly found larger amounts of drugs inside.

The defendant is currently being held in the Montgomery County jail where he has been charged with filming a nude individual without their consent, providing police with false identification and fleeing law enforcement. He's been charged with various drug possession crimes as well. His next hearing in the matter is scheduled for March 1 in Montgomery County's District Courthouse.

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Source: The Roanoke Times, "Bathroom stall phone incident leads to drug charges, more against Pulaski man," Mike Gangloff, Nov. 17, 2017