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Failure to Obey a Highway Sign Defense Lawyer

May 4, 2020

The DMV demerit point system for traffic violations is not only complex, but can have a significant impact on your insurance rates and privilege to drive. Members of law enforcement in southwest Virginia often try to cut a driver a break when citing the driver with failure to obey a highway sign.

Unfortunately, this essentially occurs due to a misconception about the nuances of traffic violations in Virginia. Drivers often find that they are facing a three-point violation (or, in some cases, they paid the fine and received the points). That is not really much of a break, and will likely cause insurance rates to go up. Moreover, drivers can face a loss of their license from amassing too many points on their driving record.

At Clemons Law, P.C., in Christiansburg, I am determined to help clients protect their driving record and privileges through thorough analysis of the alleged offense and a clear focus on the overall consequences of a conviction.

Thorough Analysis To Obtain Optimum Results In Each Unique Case

I explore every avenue available to obtain effective results to protect the futures of my clients. As a former prosecutor and current traffic law attorney, I have handled hundreds of traffic cases and have a strong command of Virginia law. My work in defending against traffic violations includes focused analysis of the DMV demerit point system.

As an experienced criminal trial lawyer, I recognize that many traffic violations involve disputes between a member of law enforcement and a driver based on testimony. I will analyze the prosecution's case to find any flaws and weaknesses.

As a skilled negotiator, I am determined to obtain the best outcome possible, which often means negotiating an agreement to amend charges that carry demerit points to violations that carry zero points. For drivers, including CDL holders, reducing the points to zero is a real benefit to keeping a driving record clean.

Know Your Rights And The Full Consequences You Are Facing

If you are accused of failure to obey a traffic sign (or any other moving violation) in southwest Virginia, you owe it to yourself to understand the full extent of the consequences you are facing — before paying the ticket or otherwise pleading guilty to the offense. To learn how my focused defense experience can benefit your future, call (540) 305-3745. You may also request a free consultation using the easy-to-use contact form. I offer flexible appointments, aggressive advocacy and reasonable fees.