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Abusing prescription drugs during college is a mistake

There's a belief among many college students that prescription or over-the-counter medications are somehow safer to use recreationally than other substances available on unregulated markets. While it is true that these medications will have standard doses and generally won't have any adulterants that are dangerous, that doesn't mean abusing them is safe. However, many college students still misuse prescription drugs.

The 3 ways a marijuana possession conviction ruins your life

Social attitudes about marijuana have shifted drastically in the last decade. While admitting to marijuana use was once a social taboo, these days it's become far more common. As more states move to legalize the drug for medical and recreational use, many people, especially young people, are more open about their use. That can prove to be a serious mistake.

Buying ADHD drugs to study for college is a big mistake

Maybe you waited too long to start studying for finals, and now you need to cram. Perhaps you have a huge project and you need to stay up all night to finish it. Many freshman and sophomores struggle to adjust to the workloads in college. Concerns about failing a course or receiving a grade that results in a loss of a scholarship can drive students to make bad decisions.

3 things to know about search and seizure laws

Imagine driving back to the Virginia Tech campus from a party. You and your friends had a great night, but things went sideways when you saw red and blue lights flashing in your rear view mirror. The police officers pulled all of you out of the car, questioned you about your activities that night and proceeded to search your car. In the back seat, they found marijuana and the next thing you know, all of you are in the back of squad cars and heading for jail. But, was the search and seizure really legal?

DUI consequences go far beyond jail time and court fines

Imagine driving home after spending some quality time with your favorite colleagues at happy hour. Celebrating the end of a long and especially hard week at work is common practice in countless cities across the United States. Unfortunately, that celebration can take a downturn if a Christiansburg police officer pulls you over and arrests you for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Avoid a DUI this holiday season

With Halloween only a few days away, the holiday season is upon us. It seems like the last night in October is the first in a series of holiday parties, family gatherings and various other events that usually involve alcohol. Between the monster martinis that your best friend makes for the annual Halloween party and the eggnog your aunt brings over on Thanksgiving to kick off the winter festivities, you may be at risk for engaging in driving under the influence (DUI).

Understanding implied consent and sobriety testing in Virginia

Almost everyone understands the law about alcohol and driving in Virginia. Getting behind the wheel of a vehicle after drinking can put other people and yourself at risk for serious, even fatal crashes. Alcohol can lead to poor decision making, increased response time and even issues with staying in your lane.

Selling ADHD medication to your classmates could cost you

College is a time of learning, personal growth and experimentation. Unfortunately for some people, those experiments can end up causing a lot of problems or even putting an end to their college education. Whether you're starting out your first year at Virginia Tech or returning after a restful summer break to continue your college education, you need to remember that actions have consequences that could impact your future.

Incoming college students should plan for success now

With the fall semester just around the corner, now is the time for college students, including incoming freshman, to make plans for the new semester. One of the things that you need to think about if you are going to head to Virginia Tech is how you are going to handle nights out with your friends.

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